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Clear Skies

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The name of this delightful, organic, decaf and homemade oat milk latte was inspired by the Homebody Coffee Co. Stargazer roast that we use in this beverage.

Stargazer is a single origin decaf organically grown in Peru and processed using the Swiss Water Process. This chemical free process removes 95-99% of the caffeine to provide you the best drink with no drawbacks.

Our oat milk is homemade and free from gums, stabilizers or any artificial sweeteners. Using only organic, gluten free, rolled oats, reverse osmosis water and magical enzymes to naturally sweeten, this oat milk is the perfect pairing with the floral notes and warm, smokey undertones of this full bodied decaf.

Served as a 12oz beverage in a glass bottle.

Ingredients: Organic Homebody Coffee Co. Stargazer Decaf and Homemade Oat Milk (gluten free, organic, rolled oats, water & enzymes)