How it started

While it would be a much shorter story to share that this simply started as an exploration into the world of children's multivitamins in 2021, the truth is that These Days surfaced out of the unrelenting truth that has been with me all along, nature knows best. Through months of research and development, and spending far too much time reading medical journals, there was one constant truth that laid clear, there is no supplement more powerful than what nature provides organically through a healthful diet of fruits, vegetables and humanely stewarded animals.

Witnessing my mother overcome with disease and eventually losing her to cancer in 2013, I discovered firsthand the importance of a nourishing, nutritive diet and lifestyle. Years after my moms passing I discovered that I am a carrier of the BRCA genetic mutation, making me greatly susceptible to developing breast or ovarian cancer in my lifetime. This has further fueled my commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. 

My journey in the pursuit of health has looked like many things throughout the years as I learn and grow each day. To nobody's surprise, the through-line remains, nature knows best.

We are not separate from nature, we are nature. We know best what we need if we slow down just enough to listen to the nature that we are, the nature that lives within and around us.

As a mother of three young boys, I know well that different seasons come with different demands. These days, life is moving at a pace that can feel impossible to keep up with. Providing healthful meals for my family day in and day out can feel like a full time job. As such, I hold a deep reverence for mothers putting forth their best and finding a balance in it all.

I started These Days to be of service to the greater Madison community by providing fresh, organic, locally sourced, raw, cold- pressed juices and deeply nourishing, vitamin and mineral rich, organic soups, teas and broths.

My mission is to steward you, the members of my community, empowering you each step of the way to trust in your nature and get exactly what you need.